Staff Directory

Blair Richardson - CEO
Carrie Brown - Executive Administrator & Director of HR
Ryan Krabill - Director of Research and Analysis
Jeff Bishop - Program Coordinator
Chelsea Madix - Meetings & Events Manager
Alexandra Grimm - Industry Relations Manager
Debra Crane - Administrative Assistant
Derek Johnson - Food Truck Cook
Finance & Policy
Monica Heath - Controller
Pamela Lee - Compliance Manager
Robert King - General Accountant
R. Alexandria Oman - Compliance Accountant
John Toaspern - CMO
Amy Burdett - Director of Marketing Operations
Kim Breshears - Director of Marketing Programs
Sarah Reece - Global Marketing Manager
RJ Harvey - Global Marketing Manager
Ross Johnson - Global Marketing Manager
Jill Rittenberg - Global Marketing Manager
Rachael Lynch - Global Marketing Manager
Dinah Tobey - Marketing Program Coordinator
Renee O’Brien - Assistant Marketing Manager
Lindsey McKaig - Assistant Marketing Manager
Lauren Dever - Assistant Marketing Manager