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Ambassador Program

Photo of Executive Committee Members

The role of an industry ambassador is an important one as they have the unique ability to connect with other growers and local influencers in person. We encourage all Potatoes USA Board members to share valuable information about what Potatoes USA is doing to grow the demand of potatoes both in the U.S. and abroad. Every person we reach may pass the word along to others, and the understanding of Potatoes USA can be enhanced with each interaction. Sharing the meaningful stories about the work we are doing is going to increase understanding and engagement by the entire potato industry and ultimately help to grow the demand for potatoes!

How it Works:

Potatoes USA will equip the Ambassadors (Board Members) with key messages about the programs Potatoes USA is doing to support the potato industry. There is no shortage of news here, so the plan is to highlight one or two programs in each kit that will be distributed by mail throughout the year. This gives each Ambassador the opportunity to become familiar with specific programs.